seattle aerial arts
Simonne and Katie for Seattle Gold

Seattle Aerial Arts is a boutique aerial arts school focused on both introducing new students to the aerial arts and assisting intermediate and advanced students to continue their practice and gain proficiency in technique in order to perform.

Our instruction focuses on basic fundamentals of aerial arts and movement in general, and we teach grace, poise, and style of movement.

While many teachers and schools teach movements, or poses, our performance oriented classes focus on the transitions and finding unique ways to get in and out of poses or drops. Ways

Seattle Aerial Arts is also a resource for event planners who want to hire performers, private or corporate clients who need aerial performers for an event, and to venue owners who need entertainers to perform in their restaurant or nightclub.

Seattle Aerial Arts is very interested in performers who want to enhance their performance presentation. We partner with Cirque du Trois and CYRCUS.ORG to locate and rig venues for professionals as well as our advanced students to perform.

Our classes are aimed at personal growth, fitness, and impassioned present moment awareness.

As instructors we have a unique and comprehensive understanding of the human body and how it functions, both from a neurophysiological perspective, as well as from the anatomical and also the body in relationship to the physical world.

Our instruction infuses the mental and physical fitness aspects of the aerial arts with the energetic aspects of movement and expression, what some call the 'spiritual'.

We also work with duos with a performance focus.

seattle aerial arts
Simonne at Suite in Bellevue